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Josh, Age 24

I had been working out for over 2 years and following a pretty strict diet that led to dramatic weight loss in the beginning until suddenly I was no longer seeing improvements and unable to lose the remaining weight. That’s when I decided to try personal training with Pat two times a week. The workouts with Pat were immediately much faster paced than on my own and with his motivation I was able to increase the intensity and push myself further than I ever could have otherwise. Additionally I was able to learn plenty of new excercises that allowed me to switch up the stagnant routine I had previously followed so I could train harder even on the days without him. There were several compound excercises I had been eager to try and always worried about form but with Pat’s guidance I was able to learn to properly squat, deadlift and achieve personal records pushing more weight in a shorter amount of time than I ever imagined. I lost fat while gaining plenty of muscle and felt much better about myself. I would highly recommend anyone looking to push their workouts to the next level or achieve their fitness goals to train with Pat.

Austin, Age 18

My experience with pat was awesome. Through the training and nutrition he provided along the way I made immense progress. Over the course of 12 weeks I lost 30 pounds and gained more strength than I thought was ever possible. Pat is also very personable and checked in with me along the way making necessary adjustments to ensure results. I’m beyond thankful for his knowledge and help.

Bob G, Age 51

In my mid-30s, I had put on some extra weight so I joined a gym and committed to 5-6 days a week and achieved my fitness goal 5’10 178 11% body fat.

Having that mid 30s fitness achievement as a reminder of how I used to be, by 2009 I had gained a lot of weight and decided to recommit to fitness and a healthy lifestyle and joined my local gym.

By 2012 I had gotten back in to decent shape but I had fallen into stale workout routine at my local gym working out on my own and being older I didn’t think I could get back into “goal” shape again.  Then in December of 2016 I met Pat and started training with him 2x a week and added HIIT cardio as well.

Working with Pat has been rewarding on every level and I never could have achieved these results without his motivation, coaching, and outstanding training.  At 51, I’ve got my mid-30s body back in under a year and I’m just getting started on my fitness journey.


Instagram: @bbobgordon.


In midlife, I met Patrick for consultation on conditioning, weight loss, and mobility concerns. I greatly value how his strength coaching has structured my lifestyle and my physical goals improve beyond expectation.  Trust in his approach includes independent initiative which I see as crucial for results.  I do not hesitate to recommended anyone to train with him.  Smart, Respectful, Steady, Strong

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