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Ten years ago I was a 110 lb., 14-year-old kid. I had just joined Boy Scouts and was considering going on my first high adventure trip. 100-mile hike, fifty-pound backpacks, bears, snakes, 12,000 ft. elevation and many other challenges lay ahead. However, the challenge that worried me the most was my bodyweight.


People told me:

These statements did nothing more than fuel my desire to go and prove that I could and that I was strong enough! Unfortunately, I had no knowledge of strength training or what steps to take to prepare my body. My father became my first and best coach. He created a general strength program with weights, pushups, situps and hill climbs (our driveway, which happened to be the longest and steepest I’ve seen to this day). Every day my older brother, who was also going on the trip, and I worked and trained as hard as we could. Our focus was not on long term goals, but simply on trying to get a little better every day. After three months’ time we had grown much stronger and the hill climb had grown significantly easier (OK, maybe only a little easier. That driveway was a beast!)


My brother and I successfully completed the high adventure trip with a few scratches to show, including my brother coming face-to-face with a grizzly bear, but that’s a story for another time. The main lesson I learned was that the program doesn’t need to be complicated. A good program needs a goal-oriented approach. You focus on the short term goals I provide, and I (the coach) focus on making sure you continue getting closer to reaching your long term goals. “Is it really that simple?”, one might ask. Yes…and no. Yes, you will get powerful results from the Patriot Body program but only if you commit yourself to the process and to the ultimate result: achieving your best self.


So, that’s my story…what’s yours? Is today the day you finally take that crucial step towards transforming your body? I can’t promise it will be easy but with experienced coaching and customized programming, we can make your body goals a reality.

Now that you know me better, get to know my programs